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The Stump Gun is an innovative-yet-simple stump grinding solution for landscapers, arborists, land clearing professionals and dedicated stump grinding crews who use a skid-steer loader. The Stump Gun attaches to skid-steer loaders in seconds and uses the skid-steer’s hydraulic power to quickly and efficiently grind stumps of virtually any size.

The Stump Gun connects to any skid-steer loader with a quick attach plate. Once attached, the operator simply connects the hydraulic lines and removes the Stump Gun from its stand cradle. Because it operates vertically, the Stump Gun is extremely quick and effective on large stumps as well as small backyard stumps. Operators simply drive to the stump, raise the Stump Gun into position, and grind the stump from left to right. The vertical design helps to aid chip containment while also being very effective on odd-shaped stumps and rootballs. 

Maintaining the Stump Gun is as easy as operating it. Two grease points, nine grinding teeth and an end-cap on the shaft are the extent of the maintenance. Keep the Stump Gun greased and monitor the teeth and end-cap for wear—that’s it. The powerful hydraulic motor requires no routine maintenance, and the steel grinding shaft is built to easily withstand regular grinding operation.

And because the Stump Gun comes from Bandit, it’s built with the same durable construction and attention-to-detail people have come to expect from a Bandit product.

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